Hermigervill features my new album on Reykjavík Grapevine playlist.

Vibes master Hermigervill mastered my new album and includes a track in his The Reykjavík Grapevine playlist. Check on the link below!


Chevron t-shirts are available now.

To celebrate the release of "Good Morning Britain"

New Chevron t-shirts are available now at Love Love Records Bandcamp!


Good Morning Britain limited edition 12" prints

Thanks to the positive response on the artwork for Good Morning Britain, Love Love Records have produced some limited edition 12" prints; available now.

Love Love Records announce my new album "Good Morning Britain"

"Jonathan Valentine returns to Love Love after a decade with some serious goods, presenting us with an elaborate affair of hard ear magic!

We are pleased to announce the brand new album 'Good Morning Britain' by Chevron!"

Available to pre-order on CD and all digital formats - https://bit.ly/2KjpYtj

Also available are some limited shirts and prints to commemorate the occasion! - https://bit.ly/2m3ZCDH

Listen to the track 'It's All in the Mind' on youtube - https://bit.ly/2O3hZDb