I Love Acid is running a stage at Bangface Weekender 2017 - featuring myself, Mark Forshaw, Mark Archer doing a "Trackman" acid set, The Doubtful Guest, and Posthuman. It will be one to remember! Check out more information about the event here http://bangface.com/events/weekender2017/lineup/

"Tintagel House" available for pre-order now!

My new cassette album "Tintagel House" is available for pre-order now, complete with a free digital download. https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/tintagel-house

New Chevron album "Tintagel House" available now.

New Chevron album "Tintagel House" available now on Acid Waxa

Tape release forthcoming and available for digital download now at https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/chevron-tintagel-house

"Acid Lancashire" available now on Loose Lips Compilation

By eck! My Chevron track "Acid Lancashire" is available now for download on the "Loose Lips Compilation Album #10" (in aid of the Refugee Community Kitchen)